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If you are interested in joining BEMA then nothing could be easier. a

Give us a call on the number shown on the home page and we will make an appointment to visit and explain how the process works or download the application form here, complete the form and send it back to us at the address provided on the home page.

Subscription prices are based on the size of a company and start from 93p per day for those with only 1 or 2 employees, through to £2.70 per day for members with 56+ employees. A large proportion of our membership are companies who have between 16 and 25 employees, with a daily rate membership of just £1.45.

There are some frequently asked questions about membership within the Info section; if you have any questions about BEMA membership then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are a member and wish to see the Members Only section then you need to register first.